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Please check back often as our 2019 Event takes shape.  
We will update items as we continue to
confirm Speakers, Demonstrators, schedule
and more!

Admission to the Morton Civil War Days is FREE, thanks to
our wonderful sponsors and donors.

Make sure to pick up a FREE PROGRAM available
at the Information Tent when you enter the park.

Children's Scavenger Hunt
Saturday and Sunday
12 and under

A Children's Scavenger Hunt will be held on both Saturday and
Sunday during the Reenactment weekend.  Parents can bring their
children (12 and under) to the
Information Cabin and pick up a
Scavenger Hunt Form.  The form is full of items that will be found
around the daily lives of a Civil War Soldier.  Children are
encouraged to interact with the Reenactors asking them about items
on the list.  Each Reenactor will sign for one item each.  Once the
reenactors have signed off on each item, return the form to the
Information tent to receive a prize!

Candy Cannon
Saturday and Sunday
12 and under

The Candy Cannon will be shooting candy daily.  Time is
still TBD. Civil War Soldiers load a miniature cannon with Lots of
candy, and fire it on to the battlefield.  After the cannon fires
children can race to pick up as much candy as they can
carry!  This is done by age groups.  All you need to do is
show up to participate.

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Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
all ages
Merchandise for Sale

A sutler is a civilian merchant who sells provisions to an
army in the field, in camp, or in quarters. Sutlers sold wares
from the back of a wagon or a temporary tent, traveling with
an army or to remote military outposts.

Sutlers are another name for a vendor.  Sutlers were very
common in the 1860's following armies around on the
march selling their wares.  Today sutlers sell everything
from recreated uniforms to children toys.

Reenactors / Military Camps
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
All ages

The union and confederate camps are open to the public
from 9:00am to 5:00 pm each day.  It is encouraged to visit
the camp and learn first hand how a soldier lived during the
war.  Feel free to ask questions, reenactors love teaching
about history and are ready to help you learn.  

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Civil War Ball
All Ages

The 33rd Illinois Infantry Band will be playing for a 2 hour
period ball, complete with Victorian style dancing on
Saturday night from 7:00 to 9:00.  See women in their
Victorian dresses, or Men in there finest Suits.  

The Public is welcome and encouraged to participate so feel free to
join in and try a dance or two.  Period clothing is
NOT required to

Civil War Church Service
All Ages

Sunday morning we will be holding a non denomination
Civil War Church Service.  We will
have music provided by the 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment
Band and General Thomas will give a sermon.  This will
take place as the "Main Tent"  in the park.
for 2019

33rd Illinois Volunteer Regimental Band

The 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band, Inc. Was re-
created, in 1996, by musicians from Central Illinois. Like the
original band, the musicians were recruited from the same
geographical area in Illinois and come from all walks of life.
The band is an authentic reenactment of the actual Civil War
Era band that was mustered at State Normal University in
1861.   The band’s uniforms, sewn from natural wool fibers,
are authentic in every detail, and have been patterned from
actual specimens worn by the Union soldier. The authenticity
in dress presents the audience with the most accurate
appearance possible.  For more information on the
33rd Illinois Volunteer Band, visit

The 33rd Band will be performing a Concert before the
Battle Reenactment on Saturday as well as a Pass and
Review After the battle. Additionally they will be performing
Music for the Civil War Ball.

108th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Medical Hospital

The 108th provides 1st person surgical  displays, including
amputations, wound care, and bullet removals.  These
demonstrations are not for the faint of heart as they can be
very graphic.  They involved Civil War Era techniques and
tools.  Tools used in the display and demonstrations are
original tools from the civil war.  The display is open the entire
weekend with a full medical demonstration after each battle

Brian "Fox" Ellis

Internationally acclaimed author, storyteller, and
historian, Brian Fox Ellis, will be giving First Person
Performances on Saturday and Sunday at the
2018 Morton Civil War Days.

Saturday will feature General John A. Logan.

Who was John A. Logan? Was he: General Grant’s favorite
Civil War officer, OR one of Illinois’ most powerful
Senators, OR Founder of Memorial Day as a National
Holiday, OR Mark Twain’s favorite public speaker… Or
all of the above? As one historian has said, John A Logan
was the most important character of the 19th century who is
completely forgotten in the 21st. How does a man go from
small town lawyer to Vice Presidential Candidate? What
pushed him from becoming Abraham Lincoln’s bitter rival
to campaigning for Lincoln’s re-election? How does an avid
racist and author of Illinois’ Black Laws become an advocate
for African American Civil Rights and education? Spend an
hour with this enigmatic character as personified by Brian
Fox Ellis and maybe you will better understand why
Frederick Douglas said, if a man like Black Jack Logan can
have a change of heart then there is hope for everyone.

Sunday will feature Steamboat Captain Henry Detweiller.

Based on the pilot’s logs of Captain Detweiller,
Brian “Fox” Ellis steps on stage immersing the audience in
the vital, though unsung role of steamboats in the siege of
Vicksburg, the capture of Natchez, and the horrors of Shiloh.
Captain Henry Detweiller was there and shares an eyewitness
account. He delivered troops and supplies during the
Civil War, was a friend of Lincoln and rival of Mark Twain!
Fox brings these stories to life in a first person monologue
that shares a unique voice in this important chapter of
river history.


Each morning Cavalry, Infantry, and Artillery Reenacting units will
participate in drill.  During Drill, Officers will teach their troops the
standards of Marching and Battle Tactics.

Battle Reenactment
There will be battle reenactments on both days of
the event.  Each battle will be completely different and
feature a recreation of an actual battle during the American Civil
War.  Each battle will use artillery, cavalry, and infantry. Some
cannons used during these reenactments are original and were
used during the civil war.

Saturday - 3:30 PM       Sunday - 2:00 PM

Artillery Night Fire
Returning in 2019 catch a spectacular display of Artillery Firing
Rounds with Fireworks inside of them! This display starts promptly
at 9:15pm on
Saturday and will last for about 15 minutes.

Medical Demonstration
After each battle on Saturday and Sunday you can
view "wounded" soldiers being operated on.  See
how surgeries were performed 155 years ago.  

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Morton Civil War School Daze
Friday, May 3, 2019
Southwood Park

All Area schools invited.

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